Friday, July 6, 2012

Summertime Evening Out

Last month, my husband & I attended a choral concert that his father was performing in. The event was on a warm summer's night in our city's downtown. While this is an extremely casual area & people regularly attend symphony & ballet performances (which this was similar to) in jeans & T-shirts, that irritates me no end. So I chose something dressy yet comfortable for the weather.

What I'm wearing:
Black knit drop-waist dress, Newport News | Black satin sandal pumps, Two Lips | Long pearl & silver necklace, Aldo Accessories | Silver & crystal dangly earrings, random accessory store | Burgundy flower hair pin, random accessory store


  1. *faint* Good Goddess, you look absolutely, positively radiant! Pure perfection. And I love, love, love that necklace.

  2. This is lovely. Perfect for a warm evening.

  3. This is really lovely - you look gorgeous, Trystan!


  4. That dress looks awesome! I wish I could find something similar here. I also get irritated on especially tourists that seems to forget they have left their backyard when they visit my town. Chopped off jeans and slouchy tshirts, or even bare breasted men!