Monday, March 7, 2011

A Lipstick Lesson

I tried to wear black lipstick to work today & failed. I suppose I should have know it was just too goth for the office. Heck, it's too goth (or cliché goth) for me usually. But sometimes, the old-school in my bitter dark heart calls out... well, & I found a bunch of deliciously dark lipsticks at Sephora this weekend!

As noted in last week's FBFF, I'm a sucker for high-end lipstick. And the first thing I saw when I walked into Sephora (where I had half a gift card to use up) was a black lipstick by Illamasqua (the shade is called Pristine). I was compelled to buy it. And next to that was the Makeup Forever display, which had another black lipstick, plus a couple rich, super-dark burgundies & purples, perfect for my quest to own all the dark lipsticks ever made.

About a year or two ago, Mac came out with a black lipstick that was the talk of all the goth communities online (see the Gothic Charm School review for tons more detail). I had to hunt around 3 stores to find & buy it. But that lippie was a bit of a disappointment to me-- the color was kind of sheer & only looked good if you layered it over another dark color. Good for a black-cherry effect, for example, but hard to get a solid black. Of course, full black lipstick is a difficult look to pull of anyway...

I was hoping that I could make it look "edgy" but not "goth cliche" with slightly colorful CorpGoth oufit, as shown. I wanted color & pattern & texture, nothing too hardcore. Just that little extra something special, y'know? Alas, it was Just Not Right. So back to a more traditional (for me) dark burgundy, Sephora house brand.

 What I'm wearing:
Fuschia cardigan with ruched shoulders, H&M
Black jeweled T-shirt, NY & Co.
Black & white plaid dirndl skirt, H&M
Black studded belt, Macy's
Black tights, unknown brand
Purple velvet ankle-strap pumps with roses, RocketDog
18th-century woman's shadow pendant on black silk ribbon as choker, gift from Kendra
Pewter square earrings
Large black metal roses ring, Icing

Perhaps the black lipstick will work better with a casual outfit. I'd feel too obvious wearing it with an uber-gothy ensemble. I've only worn the Mac black lipstick with historical costumes gone goth (specifically, an 18th-century Halloween party :-). What can I say, I like to do goth non-traditionally & traditional gothically.

Have any goths out there tried seriously goth looks at the office & really made it work or did it flop like my attempt? Have any of you non-goths tried an edgy trend outside your comfort zone & worn that to the office?


  1. On the MAC lipstick thing - I bought their dark purple shade two years ago. In all the ads it was so opaque and beautiful... But in person it's how you described "Pristine".

  2. My lips are naturally quite dark and I've been taking advantage with almost black lip products. I have done some very darkity dark dark looks at work and some people loved it others not so much. Where I work is fairly casual so as long as people have their private areas covered, there's not an issue really. Also those shoes just kill me. Fabulousness.

  3. HollyElise - Illamasqua's Pristine was pretty solid black (better than the Mac one), but it just looked too odd for work. Must try it on a weekend tho!

    Shannon - I have to many meetings at work, alas. It's casual, but I don't want to be THE FREAK & not be taken seriously. Touchy balance. Stuff like shoes & accessories don't hurt tho ;-)

  4. The only time I got too edgy at the office was by accident -- I was in my usual pre-coffee fog at my desk and didn't realize I'd grabbed the wrong tube of MAC lipstick out of my purse until I was halfway through applying it. I put on Cyber (a very dark purple that can almost pass for black in some lighting) instead of Diva. Whoops. I don't think it would have been that big of a deal, but that's a bit extreme for a daytime office look for me.

  5. Nicole - Heh, coffee is so essential! Tho' some of those lipstick can be blotted down. I get different looks from Chanel Vamp when I blot a ton - it almost looks like a light cherry stain if I blot & use lip balm over instead of under.

  6. I've never tried black lipstick at work, but a few times I did wear chunky 5" heels with 1 1/2" platforms... I was mortified when people came from other buildings to "check out those shoes." I know they meant to be complimentary (along with their curiosity) but I just didn't expect so much gossip. If I wore black lipstick, I'd surely have to charge admission! Lol.

    I LOVE those purple velvet pumps! Excellent find. The sweater is adorable, too!

  7. I love the pendant! So cute :). I totally agree with you about MAC black lipstick. I think I still prefer my Shangai Red from YSL :D (Thanks Mum!) ;).