Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sundress Between Raindrops

Drizzly morning, so just the one photo. But I wore this sundress a lot in Kauai the other week & couldn't resist giving it a wintery remix.

What I'm wearing:
Black, white, & purple print dress, Target
Black T-shirt, Gap
Black elastic belt, NY & Co.
Black leggings, Newport News
Black boyfriend cardigan, Chadwicks
Red heeled ankle boots, Aerosoles
Silver chunky bead necklace, Target

Ran out the door without earrings on! Nearly forgot my rings & studded bracelet.

When you're having a rushed morning, what do you tend to forget?


  1. Earrings for me too! And then I realize they're missing and feel very naked ^.^

  2. Either the silver chain bracelet I usually wear on my left wrist, or my scarab pendant (although that's not so annoying if I'm wearing a scarf).

  3. I forget mascara when I'm in a hurry, I don't know why.

    Love the purple shoes!

  4. I will not so much forget earrings, as put on a mis-matched pair. Yesterday I was in such a rush I forgot my office keys.

  5. I forget FOOD! Usually some critical component of the 11 hours worth of nourishment I bring with me each day. :(

    I love the dress! Target has really been surprising me lately with their clothing.

  6. HollyElise & Nicole - I feel naked w/out my regular jewelry!

    Shelia - If I forgot my eyeliner, I think I might die.

    LovleAnjel - I've forgotten my office badge a few times & it drives me crazy getting from building to building. Ugh.

    Kathleen - Oh no, not food! I'm spoiled bec. there's a great cafeteria at work.

  7. Accessories (besides stuff for my hairs) tend to be an afterthought for me, as does make-up. I have to remind myself to put some on so that I have visible eyelashes, at the very least. ;)


  8. Angldst - Awww, accessories are fun! And makeup, I hate going w/out lipstick, unless it's to the grocery store or the dr. office.