Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stripey Silk

I've been sewing clothing & stuff since I was a little kid -- taught by my mom & grandmom. But I don't like sewing modern clothes to wear everyday. Too much trouble. What I do like is to buy fabric & trims & shiny bits to use for historical / fantasy / gothic costumes or to refashion everyday clothes.

That's how I came across this fabric. Just  a couple yards, last little bit on a bolt, of black silk with pinstripes of silver. Not enough for a full gown, but omg, such awesome fabric, I had to have it. Could use it as contrast or trim on something, someday.

Then, my dear friend Donna suggested a jacket. A modern jacket, that she would make. Fantastic! She's such a dear. She had this pattern & whipped it together as a Christmas gift for me.

What I'm wearing:
Black with grey pinstripe silk jacket, custom-made by Donna of Original Sin Designs
Black T-shirt, Old Navy
Black trousers, Target
Black wedge heels, Kenneth Cole (thrifted)
Burgundy flower pin (also works as a hair pin), Forever 21
Black sparkley necklace, random accessory store
Silver cameo earrings, vintage
Large sparkley gunmetal ring, Icing
Chanel Vamp lipstick


  1. Ok, this outfit is so working for me. I'd wear the shit out of that jacket EVERY DAY. :D

  2. The jacket is beautiful, I love stripes jackets, it is so elegant. And the outfit is great :).

    I also love to sew, but it is difficult to find the right time to make everyday clothes, very busy. So I do very simple things with everyday clothes, just simple details I add to make them mory gothy.


  3. That jacket is awesome. I love the tail on it.

  4. Holy cats, the jacket is MARVELOUS! And what a sweet friend to sew it up for you.

  5. Sarah - It's a wonder I don't wear this one more. I think bec. it looks better w/pants, & I've been on a skirts kick. It really rocks w/pants!

    Madame Macabre - This is my only stripey jacket. Doesn't everyone need one?

    LovleAnjel - I should have gotten a better pic of the back. It's a beautiful drape.

    Sal - Donna is like my personal couturier ;-) We get ideas from each other & she usually creates them. LOVE her to bits.

  6. That's a gorgeous gothy jacket.

  7. I love that jacket!
    Hello! Just read your comment in my +40 bloggers post. I'm creating a new page so I can keep adding +40 bloggers to the blogroll, and yours is going to be on it.
    I am intrigued by your mix of Corporate AND Goth, and so am following your blog. I look forward in seeing where you'll take me! -Bella Q
    Enter to Win My Shabby Apple Dress Give-Away- the Citizen Rosebud

  8. m - Thanks!

    Citizen Rosebud - I loved your +40 bloggers post, found so many great blogs to read :-) I'll have check back for more.