Monday, March 14, 2011

TropiGoth Fashion Show, Part I

Welcome to the first of two posts that prove goths can too be seen in summer or hot-weather clothes! It's what I've been calling TropiGoth for over a decade now.

This is also an example of how I'm trying to up my game in casual wear. I made more of an effort on this trip to accessorize & wear interesting casual outfits than I usually do.

My typical travel wardrobe can be awfully dull -- I pack basic black & maybe one solid color, hardly anything else. I'm a chronic under-packer & get incredibly bored with my travel clothes. So this is all a bit new.

These pix are all from my recent birthday trip to Kauai, Hawaii, with my husband, who took all the photos. The setting for first two outfits is around the condo we rented.

What I'm wearing, outfit #1:
Black & white T-shirt, Express
Black cargo capris, Kohl's
Black leather sandals with flowers, Target
Black wood bead necklace, bought on a Jamaica trip
Black beaded earrings, Target
Red tropical flower hair pin, bought on a previous Hawaii trip
Red lipstick

The weather was a tiny bit overcast in February, but still in the 70s to low 80s & humid with occasional rains. So dressing for the climate was crucial. Lightweight, nothing fussy or clingy.

Most of our activities on this trip were rather mellow (especially compared to previous trips where we'd done a lot of hiking & more snorkeling). This was time to relax!

That meant I over-packed a little bit because we ended up loitering around the condo wearing PJs or on the beach in a swimsuit more than I planned. But when over-packing means "two more T-shirts," it's not a big deal.

On our first full day of the trip, we went to a cute little day spa for massages. I also got a pedicure, so my dull winter tootsies could be beautiful for a week of sandals! This hot pink polish perfectly matched my swimsuit.

Here's a tip if you're playing snowbird: Shop for tropical-type clothes as early as possible when you start planning the trip! If you need a new swimsuit / shorts / sandals, but you're traveling in January / February / March, you can't run down to the mall and find those things in the weeks right before you leave. You'll either need to buy stuff a year before your trip or hunt around online.

Looking through my wardrobe last fall, I realized the black shorts I wore all summer 2010 were falling apart. But summer clothes were already out of the stores! So I searched online & found these shorts from Land's End. They feel a little bit like "mom pants" (mom jeans but not in denim), but they were literally the only thing I could find in black!

What I'm wearing, outfit #2:
Grey T-shirt with bats, Target
Black twill shorts, Land's End
Black leather sandals with flowers, Target
Black wood bead tribal choker, can't remember!
Black & white shell dangly earrings, Kohl's
Red flower hair pin, Icing
Red lipstick
Black Baby Phat purse, swapped with a friend

I don't use my "normal" everyday purse when I travel -- it's too big. I pack this (or another) small purse in my carryon bag.

I also wore my hair up a lot in Kauai, due to the humidity. That makes my wavy hair go frizz-tastic, & I don't like to travel with a bag full of hair products. Easier just to bring one hair clip & some flowers.

It did rain heavily one day during the trip. So we sought out indoor diversions along the west side of the island. And I wore basic black that would dry out easily.

What I'm wearing, outfit #3:
Black jeweled T-shirt, NY & Co.
Black twill shorts, Land's End
Large silver filigree earrings, Target
Black & white beaded bracelet, bought during this trip
Black lace headband, random accessory store
Black flip-flops with rhinestones, Old Navy
Red lipstick
Black Baby Phat purse, swapped with a friend

Flip-flops were definitely better in the rain -- you're always stepping in huge puddles, so there's no way to avoid getting your feet wet & why bother getting nice shoes wet too?

I love finding pretty accessories, like this bracelet, while traveling. Then I have, not only a new addition, but something with a positive memory.

Want to see photos of the trip itself (including a detailed tour of the condo, just in case you're looking for a place to stay in Kauai)? Check out my photoset on Flickr!


  1. Have you ever checked out the blog "Goths in Hot Weather"? It is very fun :-)

    Luv the outfits! I'm so impatient for the warmer weather to finally hit NYC.

  2. Love the bat shirt!