Thursday, April 28, 2011

The One With the Tiny Tiara

I have no shame in admitting that I'm an Anglophile & a romantic. So, of course, I'm watching the royal wedding tomorrow, at least, I'm TiVoing it to watch whilst working from home tomorrow morning. Ah, blessed technology! I won't have to wake up freakishly early like I did 30 years ago for Diana & Charles' wedding. And since I'll be wearing PJs or yoga pants at that time, I dressed appropriately today.

What I'm wearing:
Dark grey bell-sleeved blazer, Newport News
Crown-shaped rhinestone brooch on lapel, random accessory store
Black knit sleeveless top with ruffles, Macy's
Burgundy panne velvet tiered skirt, NY &  Company
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black patent ankle-strap pumps, unknown brand, thrifted/second-hand
Black & purple dangly earrings, random accessory store
Burgundy flower hair pin, Forever 21

There's a fair amount of royal-wedding-bashing online, especially by Americans, so if you're not interested, please be kind & keep it to yourself. Yes, the media coverage is a little OTT, but then, that's what media does. The U.S. media coverage of Charlie Sheen's pointless self-destruction & Donald Trump's ridiculous birther claims has been amazingly out of hand (& the later has been genuinely destructive to civil discourse about actual U.S. government issues). So where's the harm in talking about a wedding dress? I try to keep this in perspective.

Anyone else watching the wedding? I'm especially interested in seeing what kind of hats the female wedding guests will be wearing -- I adore good millinery!


  1. I really love this outfit, you look royally hot! ;)

  2. Love the pin!
    Being a Canuck I think I'm supposed to watch the wedding...but I'd do it anyway! My mom, BFF and I all got up at some ungodly hour for Diane's many years ago and had a blast, why not watch her sons?!?
    If you like hats hats, have you seen this site/blog...
    She blogs about all the royal hats. I've only just found it and I love it!

  3. Eep...hadn't thought about that other royal wedding for a long long time, but yeah, I remember where I was then too...whodathunkit? (Gosh we're old. Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

  4. I'm watching it right now ^^ I loved her veil.

    Pretty brooch!

  5. Awesome outfit.

    I caught the recessional after my shower, but I didn't think to watch the BBC. They had an historian doing commentary, and apparently he managed to get the reign of Harold II and Edward the Confessor.

  6. That brooch slays me. I adore crowns.

    Didn't watch the wedding, but drooling over the photos right now!

  7. I wasn't intending to watch, but I got home from work & found my 7 year watching it & all excited. How could I not join her? Her teacher got them all excited about it, helping them find youtube videos of Charles/Dianna & Andrew/Sarah.

  8. I was unintentionally awake early enough to see the wedding in live coverage, but sadly, was not near a telly most of the time. I did get to catch a glimpse of the Royal Couple, and I think Kate made a great choice with her wedding dress. V. classy & pretty. And YAY SLEEVES.

    I'm in love with your skirt & the crown pin in this outfit.



  9. What a beeautiful skirt! Looks great on you!

    No, I didn't watch the royal wedding only partly when they had it on the news.

  10. I did not watch the wedding because I actually didn't even know it was happening, but let me just say that people who are bashing the wedding need to just get a life and grow up, seriously. Anyway, that said, awesome outfit! Love the crown!