Monday, April 4, 2011

Step Into Spring

Today was the first day of the year I went to work without a big giant coat. And I'm a cold, cold person (& not just in my little black heart ;-). I start out cold during the morning commute & my office building's temp never seems in sync with me personally. Also, the big conference room where my department has our Monday staff meeting always seems drafty. But I risked it, I didn't wear my giant black trenchcoat or my heavy suede swing coat (my default winter coats). And I survived!

What I'm wearing:
Black cotton full-skirted, boat-necked dress, ModCloth
Black & pink stripey cardigan with lace trim, I.N.C. Concepts
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Pink & black peep-toe, ankle-strap pumps, Payless Shoe Source
Pink & old gold necklace, vintage
Burgundy pearl drop earrings, Designs by Victoria on Etsy (didn't get a closeup, but they're a lot like these)

Last weekend, I went out & about in the daytime wearing short-sleeved tops but no cardigan/jacket. On both days. I'd say spring has sprung here in Northern California. Doesn't mean the rain is over, probably too soon for that. But the seasons do seem to be changing.

Has spring come to your part of the world (at least those in the northern hemisphere)? Are you putting away the coats yet?


  1. I am, most days. There are a few icky days here and there, but hey, it's Washington. Moody weather is normal weather.

  2. Ah, how funny!! Today was the first day I put ON a big coat on my way to work! :D

    Super cute outfit--love the skirt and top. They go together really well!

  3. We have been cycling between temps in the 70s-80s and those in the 40s. Yesterday was a wool coat day, today is a cotton coat day. Yay cardigans!

  4. Oh how I adore the silhouette of that dress!

  5. Lovely outfit!

    Spring is almost there (it seems).
    I've started wearing a light jacket this week although it's still a little chilly.
    Well, Germany is not the warmest place on earth. ;)

  6. Ashlee - I still keep a fold-up umbrella in my purse.

    Hexotica - Heh, happy fall to you!

    LovleAnjel - Not bad weather, spring is almost there.

    Sal - I tried to get a shot of the dress w/out the cardi after work, but the sun was not cooperating. Ah well, I'll wear it in summer for sure.

    salkaye - At least it's not too cold :-)

  7. I adore your cardigan! Superb outfit!

  8. I just love this outfit.

    I put away what I call my British spy coat in favor of my less heavy fleece pea coat. It's still not tights and flats weather yet for me though. I'm still wearing boots and thick socks.

  9. How super cute this outfit is, particularly on you. Love those shoes for you, too. You can work light coloured shoes, I'm scairt of em. ;)

    When am I gonna see some more O'sin Corpgothy stuff on ya? More on the way, I promise for soon!



  10. Your shoes are great and I love the cardi! So fun!

  11. sashabuntman - Thanks, I simply *had* to have this cardi when I saw it. Couldn't resist.

    Shannon - Ah, the coat switch. Soon the shoes will follow ;-)

    angldst - You're seeing more O'sin stuff this week, promise!

    Vanessa - I am a sucker for ankle-strap heels. That's one of *my* rule-breakers. Aren't they supposed to cut off the leg & make it look shorter? Who cares ;-)