Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The CorpGoth Suit, Sort Of

This isn't a real suit, in that the pieces aren't sold together or intended to go together. But they comprise a suit to me, because they're in the same general shape & style, colors & fabrics & fit. The jacket is new, the skirt is thrifted & embellished, but it's suit-like enough in a modern, gothy way.

I wore this as psychological armor because I had a meeting today where I had to talk about uncomfortable things. Wearing serious clothes, even better, an outfit that is serious but also expresses my creativity & personal style, helped mentally gird my loins a little bit. The meeting went OK, not perfect, but I presented my case without reservation, & I made headway on some important issues. If I'd looked like a slacker, I might have felt like a slacker.

What I'm wearing:
Black twill jacket with piping detail, Spiegel
Black knit top, Target
Black twill skirt with lace, stripes, & velvet trim added by me, Gap, thrifted (details here)
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black round-toe, spool-heel pumps, Target
Silver large-bead choker, Target
Gunmetal & rhinestone hoop earrings, NY & Company
Grey chiffon flower pin in hair, Icing
Grey bead & ribbon bracelet, NY & Company
Celtic ring, gift from Lisa

Are there certain clothes or types of outfits that make you feel strong & like you can take on stressful situations?


  1. My black pencil skirt. I bought from Torrid a few years (and a dress size) ago and, when it arrived, it was two sizes bigger than it needed to be. Luckily, it was stretchy and, to this day, it still has safety pins and basting stitches fitting it to me. But, damned if it doesn't make me feel like I can handle any situation.

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  3. I don't really have anything like that; in fact, I don't even have anything that could really pass as a suit, which is going to stink if I need one. Glad that yours helped you get mentally prepped for that meeting.

  4. Dressing better than everyone else always makes me more confident, and dressing "like a rockstar" (aka combat boots, biker jacket, big hair, huge sunglasses, trashy tights, etc.) never makes me feel anything less than bad-a**.

  5. This is a great look. The embellished skirt really kicks it up, too. I don't have a particular "go-to" outfit myself, but I agree that being dressed sharp always gives one an advantage!