Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grey for Summer

I don't usually think of "grey" as a summer color, but then, black isn't supposed to be a summer color, & I wear that all year round. So who cares? This dress is lightweight & very comfy, so it fits the bill for today's weather.

What I'm wearing:
Grey knit dress with black trim, bought in London | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Black pointy buckled boots, Aldo | Large silver dangly earrings, random accessory store | Silver filigree cocktail ring, gift from Kendra | Purple flower hair pin, random accessory store


  1. It looks very comfortable, love the trim and the earrings.

  2. That dress looks very comfy, and I love the sleeves.

  3. Is it gothy to say you are fun? I really like your blog. I think being who you are is REAL fashion. I love all of the quirky accents. Quirky is my thing :).

  4. Spikklubba - The trim is exactly what drew me to this dress.

    LovleAnjel - Thanks!

    Lonestarcasie - I do like quirky & fun :-) Life would be dull without that.

  5. I think the dress is lovely, the colour looks pretty well on you n_n.

    Just one question: do you always wear tights on summer? Where I live (Spain), this option is just imposible because of the heat. That´s one of the reasons why I miss winter and my tights.


  6. Madame Macabre - Luckily, it's not humid where I live, so tights aren't too uncomfortable, plus my office is air conditioned. But sometimes, we'll have a week that's really hot, & I don't wear tights at all. But I only have a few pairs of shoes that are OK to wear w/out anything on my feet! So it's tricky to balance.

  7. I undertand :). Where I live is very humid, so is impossible to think about wearing tights in summer. Is very uncomfortable... I have to wait october to wear tights. That´s why in summer I expend the most of the time in sandals :).

    Thanks for your answer!