Saturday, August 20, 2011

Incomplete Picture

After I took this picture, I changed my earrings & added a cardigan, so this is not a wholly accurate reflection of what I wore today. Still, I adore this sundress & had to show it because it's a maxi dress that actually *fits* my petite height. Love that.

What I'm wearing:
Black cotton tiered maxi sundress, Coldwater Creek | Black jeweled flip-flops, Mootsies Tootsies | Black dangly shell earrings, Target (swapped for mother-of-pearl heart-shaped dangly earrings that contrasted better against my hair) | Red Venetian glass heart on black glass bead necklace, made by me
Skull bracelet, gift from Mom | Silver & garnet poison ring, eBay | Red flower pin in hair, random accessory store


  1. What a gorgeous dress! And I love the bracelet that your Mom gave you, very cute.

  2. RubyAlison - Thanks!

    Mary Zawadzki - Funny how Mom has come around, after doing the typical 'you're wearing too much eyeliner' complaints when I was a teenager,' then after college & such, she started complimenting my goth style, & now even adds to it :-)

  3. Great dress! It suits you perfectly. I like the touches of red on the necklace and hair pin.

  4. You have such a knack for pulling off clothes that would make most short & curvy people think, "No way!" You should patent that magic.

  5. LovleAnjel - Thanks! Tho' at least in this case, I was helped by finding a magically right, petite size :-)