Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hippy Dippy Gothic Trippy

Here's a rare weekend outfit worthy blogging. Really, it's all about the parasol -- the rest of the outfit is just my HippieGoth tendencies showing through. Altho' it's also a step up from my old weekend gear of T-shirts and jeans or shorts. I wore this ensemble for running errands whilst taking the bus (being that I don't drive a car), so this parasol was required on such a sunny, but not horrifically hot, day. I bought this beauty at the recent San Jose Renaissance Faire.

What I'm wearing:
Purple print top, Crazy Shirts in Kauaii
Black tiered skirt, gift from Lisa
Black jeweled flip-flops, Mootsies Tootsies
Black beaded necklace with purple shell flower, bought in Waikiki
Black shell earrings, Kohl's
Black skull & crossbones bracelet, gift from my mom
Purple flower hair pins, random accessory store


  1. Cute! I love what you did with your hair here as well.

  2. Ooh, nice! I've never seen people carry parasols outside of the Bay Area and our local Bat's Day and I really don't know why. They're very practical.

  3. Photographer Leia - Heh, I'd just washed my hair & piled it up! But I do like to wear my hair up & with a few flowers or other ornaments when I'm running around. Thanks.

    lazysubculturalgirl - I figured all goths carry parasols in the sun :-) I don't always bec. it can be a bother to carry when I'm going in & out of shops. But if I have to walk more than 2 blocks, oh yeah, I'm using a parasol.