Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stripes for Going Back to the Office

It's never any fun going back to work after vacation. Never ever. So I tried to make the day a little more bearable by wearing pretty clothes.

What I'm wearing:
Black & white striped silk blouse, made by Donna, fabric from Sarah | Black crochet trumpet skirt, Coldwater Creek | Black elastic belt, NY & Co. | Black & white ankle-strap, peep-toe pumps, American Eagle | Black & silver chunky beaded necklace, Target | Purple heart-shaped dangly earrings painted with bats, made by a local artist | Purple & grey flower hair pins, random accessory store

What do you wear to perk yourself up at work?


  1. This is quite possibly my favorite outfit that you have posted on here - ever. You look absolutely stunning.

  2. Oh, wow, this is an AWESOME outfit! Love the stripes, love the circus-trim and shape of the skirt, and love the matching heels! 10/10 for this outfit!!

  3. What a nice shirt! The structure is very slimming. I must go back to looking at Coldwater Creek catalogues.

  4. I love the look, a striped blouse is always so elegant ^_^.

  5. That is a GREAT blouse! You look awesome! I hope you get lots of compliments at work for your fabulous style.

  6. you look freakin' amazing in this outfit. The trumpet skirt shape is fabulous for you.



  7. Photographer Leia - Why thank you!

    Hexotica - Glad you can see the seaming on this skirt, it's a great touch. But I didn't want to lighten the photo too much to bring it out.

    LovleAnjel - It's amazing, sometimes you can find the gothiest things at the most random of places!

    Madame Macabre - I just *had* to snap up this fabric when a friend was cleaning out her stash ;-)

    GothBarbie - Heh, so few ppl notice or really see me much at work! That's one of the reasons I started to blog.

    angldst - Thanks, sweets! Glad I could finally wear this blouse you made.

  8. Agree with everyone -- this is a fantastic outfit. And you look amazing. The striped shirt is perfect.

    I tend to wear something I've never worn to work before or something new, to try to perk myself up.