Thursday, November 10, 2011

Coat Time

I have three winter coats: this long wool princess-seam coat, a black suede finger-tip-length trapeze coat, & a black trenchcoat of the classic 'London Fog' type (tho' not that brand) that is water-resistant. I rotate through them all fall & winter.

The coat I'm wearing today is more for fall as it's mid-weight, warm but not bulky, & it has the limitation of being a unique color & print.

The black suede coat is cozy & warm, plus it's loose enough that I can layer it over bulky sweaters. However, that one can't come out in the rain.

The trenchcoat is for rain & the coldest of weather because it buttons securely up the front (it's double-breasted), & I've worn in the worst of storms at home & when traveling.

What I'm wearing:
Brown paisley coat, made by Wendy
Black ruffle-front blouse, Express (thrifted)
Black crocheted trumpet skirt, Coldwater Creek
Black patent belt with silver buckle, Target
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Burgundy boots, DSW
Burgundy & gold earrings, Ruche
Burgundy flower hair pin, random accessory store
Make Up For Ever burgundy lipstick #48

What kind of winter coat do you wear?


  1. My winter coat is a microfiber, black London Fog raincoat with a hood. It also has a wool lining and it's about fingertip length. Just right for Southern California winters. I do have a quilted purple fake suede parka with faux fur collar and cuffs but for some weird reason, it's not as warm.

    Most days, I can get by with several layers and a hoodie or sweater on top. I really only wear coats for extreme wind or rain.

  2. I have an ankle length reversible cape with water-resistant houdstooth fabric on one side and corduroy on the other, inter-lined with fleece. It's only good to about 25-30 degrees, so for lower temperatures or rain, snow, or the evil wintry mix I have a quilted down knee-length coat.

    I love the tapestry print on the coat you are wearing here. It is not as versatile as a plain black coat, but very beautiful. The collar and cuffs really set off the print nicely.

  3. I have a black wool-blend knee-length coat with ribbon swirls sewn into the lapels from Newport News. Sadly NN jackets tend to be too tight across the back, and the lining of the sleeves has ripped off at the shoulders. I still love it, I just have to be really careful putting it on.

    For late winter I have a black wool-blend knee-length peacoat with thinsulate lining, from Delia's (it's a junior's site so you have to order everything up a size or two, but their clearance section can be awesome). It's super-warm. If I put it on and have to wait more than few minutes inside I get overheated and have to take it off again.

    I also have a puffy black down coat from Express, but after having to commute with a backpack full of books during grad school most of the down has been crushed. I wear it for shoveling snow or going for a run.

    I love the tapestry pattern - I keep being drawn to color and patterns in winter coats, but can't bring myself to actually buy them.

  4. lazysubculturalgirl - NorCal winters are only a smidge cooler, but I run cold, so I'm always wearing a coat to/from work, at least!

    Sabayon - Ooo, I used to have a big houndstooth cape too. So cute.

    LovleAnjel - What a great coat collection. True about color & pattern in coats, it's tough to get as much wear out of them.