Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wearing PJs in Public?

Let it be known that I am firmly in the camp with those who believe that the casualization of clothing in the U.S. in the late-20th & early-21st centuries is the first step to the downfall of our civilization & that wearing pajamas in public is a sure sign of the coming apocalypse.

I feel that people are allowed to wear PJs outside the home exactly three times in their lives: (1) once when you have the flu & need to make a trip to the drugstore for tissues & meds, (2) once when you're miserably depressed & need chocolate &/or booze between the hours of 2am and 6am, & (3) one additional time to be used judiciously, carefully, not in broad daylight or among more than a dozen people, & it can only last for no more than 10 minutes.

However, if you can wear something as comfy as PJs without looking like it, rock on with your bad self.

And the later is precisely what I attempted to do -- successfully, I hope! -- in this outfit. I wore this combo (which is a clear riff on this jeans-based outfit) to go hangout at my girlfriend's house a couple weekends ago. I ran a shopping errand first, so I was seen in public too. While the ensemble is quite casual, I feel that it qualifies as presentable, non-sleepwear clothing. What do you think?

What I'm wearing:
Black crochet duster, Coldwater Creek
Burgundy knit cowl-neck top, Forever 21
Black long-sleeve knit top, Old Navy
Wide black knit pants, Target
Embellished black flats, unknown brand
Black & gold medallion earrings, Forever 21

How casual do you go in public?


  1. Since I never wear pants (I find them horribly uncomfortable, and I trip over the wide legged styles), the most casual things I wear in public are what I call my "gardening dresses". They're far too faded and worn for anything more formal than a trip to the nursery!

  2. That's why I live on t-shirts and yoga pants when I'm at home. So comfortable/casual, yet NOT PJs!

  3. I agree - PJs in public are an abomination! I don't own any yoga pants, sweat pants or other "jammy" type of pant. I wear jeans around the house. I've been known to wear my "house" jeans to the corner store, but that's it. I'll usually make an effort, even for grocery shopping. Probably my worst offense is when I stop to get groceries when I'm mid-walk, and I'm wearing workout gear (but it's all coordinated!).

  4. Hear hear! I have been known to wear my version of pj pants to take the garbage to the curb. But not to walk my kids to school every day like some I've seen. Have some rrspect for yourself people.

  5. I completely agree with you! There is a whole world of comfy clothing out there and you nailed a great outfit!

  6. I will admit to wearing slippers to work every so often, but they have rubber soles and are not fuzzy in any way, so they could just be really ugly slip-ons.

  7. How about having to walk a little dog who can't hold it anymore, first thing in the morning? That's why I started wearing black or grey yoga pants as PJs, with a semi-old t-shirt that is not acceptable for work but still nice enough to wear at home. That way, I'm always ready when puppy begs for the door, and I look like I'm in exercise clothes. The other day at the grocery store, I saw a mom wearing Smurf PJ pants.

  8. This looks pretty glam to me; I do *not* get pjs out of it! :)

  9. Mind your own damn business about other people's clothing choices.