Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One Ringy-Dingy, Two Ringy-Dingy

Does anyone even get that reference anymore? Hi, I'm old. Anyway. This month's theme post from Sophistique Noir is rings, and oh boy, do I have a ton of those. I tried to photograph all of them & nearly gave my camera's "macro" setting a conniption fit. Sorry for a few blurry photos.

First come my costume rings. I mostly just wear these with historical gowns, but other than being gold, they're awfully gothic, aren't they?

Left to right: Three gold & black rings, square ring with purple stones, giant red ring, smaller gold & red ring, hand-crafted silver ring with the Seven Deadly Sins carved around the outside.

Many of my everyday rings live inside this little gold box, which I've had since I was a young girl. It's a bit tarnished & the red velvet lining is dingy, but it holds fond memories in addition to these rings.

Here are a bunch of silver rings with Celtic & Wiccan themes. Note: In the "hand" photos, rings are not always on their proper fingers, I was just trying to get decent pix!
Left to right: Cat ring, onyx & crescent moon ring, Celtic knot ring, Celtic knot & beast ring.

Some rings with gemstones.
Left to right: Amethyst & Celtic knot ring, poison ring with garnet, faux ruby & marcasite ring, garnet ring.

These are a few of my most sentimental rings...
Left to right: U.C. Berkeley class of '91 ring, Westmont High School class of '87 ring, Arwen butterfly ring (missing center stone).

A couple larger black rings.
Left to right: Black glass cocktail ring, black glass & gunmetal cocktail ring.

Faux diamonds are a girls best friend! I also wear these with my 18th-century costumes.

A pretty silver ring, a gift from Kendra, bought in France.

Sparkly black cocktail ring.

Funky mod black roses ring.

An even bigger faux diamond.

And a cool black glass ring.

Finally, but not least, there's my wedding band & engagement rings, which I wear every day. At night, I keep them in a box I covered with a scrap of the contrast fabric from my wedding gown & inside is a little pillow made of the burgundy velvet that was the main fabric of my gown.

My wedding ring is a mix of yellow & white gold with diamond chips. My husband's band is very similar (just without the diamond bits).

My husband & I have matching engagement rings in silver with amethyst cabochon stones. We bought them at The Great Frog on Carnaby Street in London.

And that's pretty much every ring I own! What about you? Do you like rings? If so, I hope to see your posts on the theme.


  1. oh dear Earnestine and Laugh In. (yes, I'm also Old Enough to Remember) Lovely rings!

  2. I love how subtle and elegant your wedding ring is! I've seen so many beautiful wedding/engagement rings today, it's put me in a right marryin' mood, but I understand you need someone to propose for that. :) All of your rings are gorgeous, but my favorites are probably the butterfly ring, the onyx moon ring, and the black rose ring. So fun!

  3. You are probably referring to a comedy skit, but I can't help think of song from a couple of years ago by the Those Darlins. "You hung up on me." And now I have an ear worm.

    Fantastic ring collection. I'm drooling over your black glass rings and your faux ruby ring. Stunning.

  4. So many rings! And every single one of them are so beautiful!

  5. I am in love with your poison ring - beautiful! I used to keep a variety of rings, but now I find I rarely change mine out. I wear my wedding rings (engagement ring surrounded by white gold ring guards, which serve as the wedding ring), a Celtic silver thumb ring, and an anniversary ring. I do miss using rings as more of a fashion statement than I do now, though.

  6. That's so fabulous that you made a little home for your special rings. And extra romantic since you used your wedding gown fabric. Great idea!

    You have an amazing collection, which reflects your good taste. And you just made me fall in love with faux diamonds!! For some reason, I have an abundance of rhinestone jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets) but no blingy rings (other than my engagement ring). Must remedy! :)

  7. It was really hard to pick out both our wedding & engagement rings, we searched for months.

  8. I found the poison ring on eBay, of all places.

  9. I've always loved rhinestones, but it wasn't until very recently that I found these better quality faux diamond rings. So many of them look cheesy, but I thot these looked a little more classic.

  10. The Seven Deadly Sins ring is absolutely gorgeous. The gold rings, while not anything I'd wear and not my personal (gold makes me look pink) they are gorgeous in their own way, and they must look fabulous with the historical gowns. The antique ring box is FABULOUS! Absolutely beautiful. Your Celtic/Wiccan ring collection is the sort of thing I prefer to wear, mostly because I'm a Witch with Celtic connections living in Scotland... I actually have that exact same cat ring! I wish I could have found one small enough to fit on my pinky, but I appear to have chopstick fingers :( I love the double triquetra and amethyst ring, and the poison ring you're wearing next to it - my other half thinks that poison ring is quite snazzy too - and the little garnet ring on the end is darling. Is it a tradition in America to have graduation rings? The Arwen ring is beautiful, I must track one down. It's a shame the stone got lost - you should have it replaced with something someday. The French ring Kendra got you is lovely.

    ~HouseCat of Domesticated Goth

  11. I don't wear gold w/my modern clothes much, but historically, gold was far more valuable, so I wear it with my costumes to be accurate (& those gowns usually have lots of gold trim :-) And yes, it's a tradition to have graduation rings in the U.S., but I don't know if people still do that!

  12. Where did you get the "Celtic knot & beast ring." ? I gave one just like it to my wife and have been trying to find another to match it.

  13. Hi, I was just wondering where you bought that Arwen butterfly ring? It's so cute. :)