Tuesday, January 29, 2013

These Boots Are Made for Walking

It may not be apparent from the photo, but these boots have a 2" heel, a rather narrow one too. Yet it was no problem to walk the four or five blocks to and from lunch today with coworkers. My feet didn't suffer, I felt no pain, I'm not crippled.

Also, I wore shoes with a high heel because I like them, I find the look attractive on me and to me and not because I'm seeking approval from men or society. Wearing a high heel, loving it, and encouraging others to do so doesn't make me or any other woman less of a feminist. Obviously, shoe choice is a personal choice, but like most people, I tend to recommend what I personally enjoy. Just like I recommend wearing velvet and lace or suggest that you can turn a summer dress into winter-appropriate clothing. Shock & horror -- I blog about fashion & have opinions about what people wear! *eyeroll*

I feel like pointing this out because I've gotten nasty comments recently related to posts where I apparently 'tell people what to wear,' & I'm thus part of some cabal trying to quash people's liberties. Um, wow. Sorry, no, this is not fashion policing. It's called 'one person having an opinion on the Interwebs.' Hello, that's what a blog is for. Anyone can do it, they're free.

For that matter, anyone who confuses This Is CorpGoth with the glossy fashion mags at the supermarket checkout stand must have reading comprehension problems, imnsho. Notice the lack of latest trends sported by identically sized models & actresses under age 25, for starters. The rather monotonous background of every photo might also clue those complainers in, if the preponderance of bats, skulls, dark lipstick, & dyed-black hair wasn't a giveaway that this isn't exactly a flag bearer for the fashion mainstream.

But some people prefer to complain. Whatever. I'm gonna keep strutting my stuff in whatever damn shoes I want to.

What I'm wearing:
Burgundy peplum sweater, Anthropolgie via Sarah
Black knit top, NY & Company
Black & white stripe skirt, White House Black Market
Burgundy faux suede heeled boots, DSW
Silver pendant necklace with pearl drop, vintage
Silver hoop earrings, random accessory store


  1. First and foremost, those boots freaking ROCK! You look awesome in that color ... and let me say that the sweater matches the boots stupendously. I adore everything about this outfit --it's fun, bold and beautiful.

    Secondly, I am SO sorry that you are getting idiotic comments on your blog. Sheeze, and I thought I was the only one getting nastiness lately. I just got an email from someone complaining to me that my blog has changed for the worst; that I can't possibly call myself Goth with that color hair and all those colors I wear; that I'm lying to my readers and that I'm a fake; that I'm selling out, etc. etc. Oh and that my readers started to follow my blog because it was a Goth fashion blog and that it should be exactly that. How dare I change my blog format, etc. Who cares about gardening, etc. Seriously, this is what I woke up to first thing this morning. I basically said that my blog is for me to pour my brains out and if she doesn't like it she can take her sorry, conformist tush outta here. Some people! I give you kudos for publicly calling the schmucks out for being ... well, schmucky.

    Lots and lots of love and hugs, my friend!

  2. At first, I replied to the crappy comments, but then I saw (thru Disqus) that the supposedly same person was posting thru different email addresses & thot, hey, that's lame & spammy. Bad nettiquette at the VERY least. So I deleted the comments & didn't feel any issue with it. If they can't show themselves as real people standing behind what they say (which I do!), then they don't deserve space to comment on MY blog. They need to get their own places to rant. FEH.

    And anyone who complains that your blog has changed, well, fer chrissakes, have they not READ about why it's changed? You have your reasons. If they want Generic Goth Blog #8570, move along, plenty more of those, no need to bitch at you about it.

    Gah, of all the things to complain about! Don't these ppl read the freakin' news?!? Get some perspective FFS. You & me, we are not the real problem here.

  3. You look beautiful! New burgundy boots with my favourite skirt and a lovely knit!! Perfection! :)

    Hey. don't bother the stupid comments. I suppose that they were from an anonymous person right? You have all your right to share your opinion here about what to wear. You have common sense and good opinions in my view. For the others it's up to them to listen or not.

    The best things with your blog are that you show yourself in nice, comfortable everyday clothes, that is very inspiring.

  4. I'm sorry Trystan, I enjoy reading your blog and I like your opinion, experience and advice. I don't think you ever dictate to anyone 'what to wear or what not to wear'. Sigh.

    And I love "But some people prefer to complain. Whatever. I'm gonna keep strutting my stuff in whatever damn shoes I want to." ;)

  5. Some people don't understand the distinction between suggestions and dictatorial commands. Sad for them. I love your blog and your costume updates. Keep it coming!

  6. I guess it shouldn't come as any surprise that you and Franny get nasty comments ... and yet it still does. Thankfully, you're both choosing to ignore such mean-spiritedness (that might not be a real word) and will continue to write the things we all enjoy reading. :o)

  7. Definitely strut your stuff! Love that b&w skirt, btw. Lovely.

  8. Heh, it's true, the more you put yourself out there, the more somebody is going to try to slam you down!

  9. Yeah, when I looked on the backend, the comments were from faked email addresses. Pretty weak, imo. Thank you for your *real* comments!

  10. This outfit is absolutely brilliant in every way imaginable. You look fantastic. I'm inspired.

    Thanks for your work on this blog. It's encouraged me to not try to hide my gothness at work, but rather to just change it a bit for the setting, and you've given me great ideas on how to do that.

    You and your blog thoroughly ROCK, and that's all there is to it.

  11. I love the outfit, especially the skirt and boots! I am fairly new to reading the blog, and followed the link to your past posts. Your blog is your business. It's a place for you to express yourself, anyone who doesn't like it doesn't have to read it. People are just unreal, terrible that they project their negativity on to others. Strut your stuff lady. It's your life, your blog, and your interests. You invite others to look into a part of your life, we should be respectful of that.

  12. Thanks! I'm glad that you find something useful in my blog.

  13. I really enjoy the coloured boots and the necklace! Sorry to hear that some people made nasty comments on your blog. My perception of this blog is that it is about sharing your personal fashion sense and ideas with others and not AT ALL about telling people how to dress. It seems strange to me that others saw it that way.