Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Goth Challenge #11, 12 - Lifestyle & Inspiration

#11: Is goth a lifestyle for you?
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Goth is part of my lifestyle. I couldn't say it *is* my lifestyle. My life is made up of many things. I spend many weekends of the year dressing up in historical costumes, pretending to be in a different century. I spend most of my weekdays as a professional writer & editor at a major Internet corporation. Gothic is the major style in which I do both of those things in my life -- my costumes all have a goth edge (whether or not that's historically accurate, hah!), and I'm CorpGoth at work.

#12: What's your gothic inspiration?

Lots of stuff! I especially love Pre-Raphaelite artists, for the combination of romantic medieval imagery through a Victorian lens. As mentioned in the "cliches" question, I also love original gothic literature a la the Bronte Sisters, and I love crumbling cemeteries and churches and old castles. And the things that would go inside them, like candles dripping wax and old leather books and tapestries and such. Romantic old things, that's it.

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