Monday, October 31, 2011

Goth Challenge #13, 14 - Ts & DIY

#13: What was your first band T-shirt?
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No idea what the very first one was, but I've held on to one from 1987 -- it's from the Cure's "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me" tour, which I saw at the Oakland Coliseum about a month or two after graduating from high school. This T-shirt is almost falling apart, but I've kept it from pure nostalgia.

Ancient Cure T-shirt

#14: What was your best and worst DIY attempts?

Best? Well, I've made a ton of things, full gowns & such, so it's hard to say what's the best. My current faves are jewelry for everyday wear, if we don't count the costumes.

Worst, oi!, there are plenty of disasters that I stopped mid-construction. I learned the hard way that I hate making corsets, they're a royal pain. After making a dozen different styles in different materials, I just stopped, & now I gladly pay others to go thru that hassle for me.

Wearing a spiderweb-print corset made by a friend.

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  1. This is looking awesome! I love spiderweb lace! Btw, I recommended you for Gothic Blog Award. Check this link.