Monday, October 3, 2011

Goth Challenge #4 - Good Cliches

#4: Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to.

Tombstone at Holyrood House,
Edinburgh, Scotland
(Continuing the Goth Challenge questions -- follow the tag below to see all.)  Oh dear. Goth cliches, there's so many of 'em! Some I'm really tired of. But I must admit, some I am entirely guilty of and revel in, like...
  • I dye my hair black (even tho' it's almost naturally black).
  • I only wear dark, dark lipstick.
  • I only wear black eyeliner.
  • My favourite authors are the Bronte Sisters (original Gothic novels, yeah!).
  • I love bats & skulls (but I hate spiders!).
  • I love cemeteries & crumbling churches.
  • I have been depressed a lot of my life.
  • I buy Halloween merchandise most every year (best item this year: skull damask tablecloth from Target).
  • I love old-school goth music like Sisters of Mercy, the Cure, and Siouxie and the Banshees.
  • I sleep on dark sheets (black, purple, black & white stripe).
  • I painted the walls inside our house dark colors.
  • I love velvet (both wearing it & using it in home decor; we have a velvet-covered couch, velvet bedding, and velvet curtains).
  • I prefer silver jewelry.
  • I love cats (we have two).
  • I enjoyed playing Vampire: the Masquerade -- in fact, my husband (then-boyfriend) & I used to run a live-action game.
  • I don't wear pastels.
I'm sure there are others, but that hits some of the bigger cliches that qualify.

Now, for more fun, here are some ways I deviate from goth cliches!
  • I'm not afraid of the sun, in fact, I regularly take tropical vacations.
  • I really dislike industrial music.
  • I kind of hate most goth clothing brands (I'm looking at you, Lip Service).
  • I'm not into piercings.
  • I enjoy wearing blue jeans.
  • I still don't get elegant gothic lolita.
  • I'm totally over goth clubs, seeing live goth bands, & most any goth music made after 1995.
  • I absolutely despise tiny top hats (remember my rule: your hat must be bigger than my fist or I will punch you!).
  • I mostly hang out with non-goths.
Hmm ... most of my non-cliches are more about me not liking specific parts of the subculture. Well, I tried :-)


  1. Trystan ... HUGS!!! BIG, HUGE, SMOOSHY, GOTHY, HUGS! This is great! I found myself saying, "Yeah, me too!" to most of this. And that skull damask table is the bomb! I bought it too!!! hehehehe ... and Vampire ROCKS! Ed was really into a LARP called CapCron that our friend Sam ran a long time ago. We just recently played a campaign in the spring. :D And tiny top hats make me barf. Seriously, I HATE THEM. Hats need to be BIG and BOLD! I love the outdoors, too! Camping is my thing, so bugs and the sun aren't a big deal to me. AND -oh my gosh - I dislike spiders. *shiver*

    So, yeah ... HUGS!!!

  2. er, tablecloth! Sheeze ... I got a little too excited writing my response. :D

  3. Le Professeur Gothique - Hey, great minds think alike ;-) I really need to put that tablecloth on right now, but I've been either sick or too busy, ugh! Maybe by xmas time (where I mix xmas & Halloween decorations anyway).