Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mixing Metals

First off, goths tend to wear silver, so mixing metals isn't usually an issue. But some time ago, I realized I didn't mind so horribly wearing a touch of gold (my high-school prom notwithstanding ;-). As long a the gold has a soft, antiqued look, more of an old gold, I rather like it. And, admittedly, my wedding band is a mix of gold and white gold, not really sure how that happened.

So when I found this adorable jacket with big, brassy buttons, well, I didn't blink. Of course I bought it. Brass, gold, minimal difference. Brass tones have come into the goth world via steampunk these days, but I don't do much steampunk.

And wearing this jacket with a chunky silver necklace right near the gold buttons? Years ago, that would have been a mainstream fashion faux pas, not just a gothic no-no. HAH. I don't care.

What I'm wearing:
Black knit military-style jacket, Macy's
Black & grey knit dress, Coldwater Creek
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black kitten-heel pumps with silver buckles, Payless Shoe Source
Chunky silver bead choker, Target
Square pewter earrings, local artist

What fashion 'rules' have you broken recently?


  1. I love it all, wonderful outfit!

  2. Of course they are matching! The round shape of both the buttons and the pearls make the odd metals match. Perfect!

  3. So beautiful outfit! The jacket is really nice :D.

  4. The fit on the jacket is superb! I'm wary of gold tones, too, but glad you splashed out on the jacket.

  5. OH I LOVE THAT OUTFIT!!!! The lines of the jacket and those of the dress compliment each other beautifully. Those shoes are adorable -- I really like the triple buckles. You look gorgeous!

    I have to admit, I do wear gold. Not as much as silver, of course, but a lot of my jewelry (especially those from family members) have been vintage inspired pieces in gold. However, I have an aversion to mixing metals. I don't know what it is .... perhaps I'll try it again.

  6. Thats awesome, I just wore a vest exactly like that in style and color - for a moment there when I saw your photo I thought it might have been the same piece! lol I love that military styling and I like all colors of metal and when tastefully mixed like you have done they totally work together! I love your outfit ^_^

  7. Rule-breaking ... hmmm.... do white Doc Martens after labor day count? X^D

    I love every piece of this outfit. I have quite a bit of gold left over from the 80's, but since collecting a lot of silver since then, I'm usually in dilemma about what do with those old pieces. I kind of miss wearing gold sometimes, though I prefer silver. I'm not adverse to mixing metals, but I am wary.

  8. linnea-maria - What a good point about the shapes coordinating. That must be what drew my eye towards them - I tried on a different necklace & it didn't look right, but this one did.

  9. Ooo, those shoes are so cute!

    I have a lot of gold pieces which were my grandmother's, but they are precious and warm tones wash me out so I rarely wear them. But I do not bother to match my blacks, so I can clash without wearing any color.

  10. I never think to pair blazers with dresses. This is a perfect reminder of how well that can work! And the mixed metals totally work. The buttons kinda stand on their own, I think, and you've tied the silver in with the necklace, earrings and shoes.

  11. This jacket is so great! Love the military vibe and the velvety texture. (And the shiny buttons!)