Monday, October 17, 2011

A Little Bit of Monday Shine

Oh what a weekend. Which started with our department's annual offsite on Friday -- in CorpSpeak, an "offisite" is an event where employees go somewhere away from the office for some kind of fun, presumably team-building activity that may also blow off some steam. Ideally it's a reward for hard work. Last year, our department went to a goat farm, which was both educational and tasty (mmmm.... goat cheese!). This year, we went to a place called the Crucible, and half the team did some kind of glass-fusing activity, and the half I was in did blacksmithing.

Yep, we worked with a furnace and hammered hot steel! It was crazy, intense work, seriously hard labor. My arm still aches a little from all the hammering. But we all did finish our projects -- we each made an iron hook in about 2 hours. What started out as square rod of metal became an elegantly twisted hook with a hole in one end.

Friday evening, I left from the blacksmithing for a weekend of portraying a lady of leisure with my friends, Bella Donna Venetian Courtesans at the Folsom Renaissance Faire. While I'm not a singer like these fine women, I've been acting at renfaires for 20+ years, so they welcomed me into the fold for this event, and we had a grand time. I used an old gown from my closet -- French, not quite Italian, but close enough to blend into their look. I hope someday to make a pretty Venetian gown.

But now it's Monday, back at work. Our department has move to a new building at the company, and I'm settling into a new and larger cubicle. Yay, I get to decorate! At some point, I'll try to get pix of my work environment. But for now, today's outfit.

What I'm wearing:
Dark grey denim jacket with belled sleeves, Newport News | Black T-shirt, NY & Company | Tiered plum velvet skirt, NY & Company | Pink rhinestone bib necklace, random accessory store | Black tights, unknown brand | Black patent square-toed pumps, second-hand| Pearl & garnet earrings, artisan at a convention

Oh & I kind of hate Blogger today. It ate a post I've been working on for MONTHS with my top tips for dressing goth at a casual workplace (because most 'wear to work' guides seem to be for environments where suits are the norm; I wanted to answer the question of 'how goth can / should you go if you want to still be considered a professional and yet fit into the casual office' -- tons of work, down the blog drain!!!! I guess I have to go old-school and write my posts in a Word doc and carry them around in a thumb-drive, instead of relying on The Cloud. Feh.).


  1. Oh I love your skirt! I've been searching for a velvet skirt in that color but so far haven't been lucky. I'm going vintage shopping on Wed, maybe luck will come my way. Yours is lovely. And that necklace is beautiful too.. it really stands out! :) Sorry about Blogger eating your post.. That sucks.

  2. The skirt and the necklace; beautiful. Give us a closeup of that necklace someday, will you? Or did I miss it at some point past. Love the detail on your shoes. Oh, and "Bad, Internet!"

  3. So sorry about the ravenous Blogger! I hate when that happens.

    LOVE that skirt. I haven't seen any tiered velvet skirts lately, but I'm jonesing for one so I might have to buckle down and make it myself. In fact, I haven't seen a lot of velvet this year and not as much corduroy as usual -- what gives? Global warming or too early in the season?

  4. Love this outfit!
    Ugh, moving -- my department is getting ready to move also, in two weeks. Boxes are stacked everywhere and my walls are naked. I'm ready to be in my digs, so I can begin making it mine!

  5. I love that skirt too and your necklace! Sorry Blogger ate that post...

  6. Fabulous necklace! I love this color combination. Purple and grey are a great pair, and the splash of light pink adds a lot. This outfit is just perfect, all around.

    Blogger did the same thing to me once, during about the third week of my blogging career. I've used Word to compose my posts ever since. It's incredibly frustrating to lose hours worth of writing!! :( My sympathies are with you.

  7. Ooh, loove the plum velvet skirt with the blazer-just the right combo of elegant/funky, as you seem to pull off so frequently with this blog! And I'm terribly sorry about your post, I hate it when things like that happen-I was recently submitting an essay for a scholarship and I had to edit it substantially in their submission box-then the doc crashed, loosing all my edits, so I feel your pain!