Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Cobbler Is a Girl's (& a Goth's) Best Friend

I just got a bunch of shoes back from the cobbler, & it's like getting new shoes for xmas! Except they cost a fraction of what new shoes cost & they already feel broken in. I tend to save up shoes for repairing until I have several pairs. Don't know why, there's a good cobbler just a few miles from my house. But it seems like a chore to take stuff there, leave them for a week, & return to pick them up. So I wait until it's it's really worthwhile -- which also means I haven't worn these shoes for about a year in some cases!

From top-right (& oldest to be repaired), I had pair of black buckled boots (side zip, faux buckle) with kitten heels that needed new heel caps plus the pointy toe were horribly scuffed & worn, from Baker Shoes; a pair of black pointy-toed kitten-heels that needed new heel caps, from Aldo; a pair of black suede pumps with square heels that needed new heel caps, vintage Fleuvog; & a pair of black suede lace-up granny boots that needed new heel caps, from some store in London.

This is probably the most common repair for women's shoes. That little cap on a heeled shoe wears off pretty easily & can be fixed easily too. My cobbler charged about $15 per pair. For the boots that needed the pointy toes mended, that cost $17.  And all the shoes got a cleaning & shine for free, even the suede shoes (the granny boots were in rather sorry shape too).

A modest & very worthwhile investment! They're all like new, & now I have a bunch of fabulous shoes to wear again. Can't wait. I hope everyone out there has made friends with their local cobbler too!


  1. Hahaha! Just when I think I couldn't enjoy your posts any more.

    I love my cobbler. The funny thing is that I don't know anyone else who uses one. But I bring all my shoes there. And my cobbler always gives me weird looks when I bring in my weirdo shoes. But maybe that is part of the fun for me.

    This could not be more timely. I have a ten-year-old pair of red and purple Fluevog mary janes that need serious help. This is will be their third trip in.

  2. My black velvet pointy boots need the heel cap repairing - thank you for reminding me! XD

  3. So how do you go about finding a good cobbler?

  4. SiouxsieL - This was the first time I've taken Fleuvogs to the cobbler, & he asked me all kinds of questions about them! Said he'd never seen anything like them, lol.

    ultimategothguide - You're welcome ;-)

    Penelope - Ask around & try for reviews. When you find a place, take 1 pair for a simple repair, like heel caps. That should cost from $10-15, depending on where you live. If the repair looks good & the customer service is suitable, then the place is worth taking more complicated repairs. HTH!

  5. So true! I had one of my favorite pairs of shoes repaired when I was in my first or second year of college--black and red saddle shoes, very mid-Nineties--and I fell in love with cobblers right there.

  6. Went to cobbler today. He wouldn't touch my Fluevogs unless I had the proper heel replacements. Interestingly, he knew just where to go to get my Fluevog replacement heels. Who knew?

  7. kristophine - Cobblers are the best.

    siouxsiel - Hah! At least he knew.