Monday, December 20, 2010

First Repeats

I wondered if I could make it to the end of this year without repeating anything major in an outfit, & while I certainly could have (my wardrobe could clothe a small, third-world country), I just didn't feel like it today. I wanted to wear this sparkly sweater & that inspired me to add the burgundy boots for contrast (ooo, two colors, high level on the Gothic Color Theory). And the boots went so well with this coat!

What I'm wearing:
Black silk sheath dress, Target
Grey sequined cardigan, ModCloth (also worn here)
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Burgundy faux suede boots, DSW (also worn here)
Gunmetal & pale pink beaded necklace, NY & Co.
Pewter square pendent earrings, local artisan at a craft faire
Burgundy flower hair pin, Forever 21
Cabernet lipstick, Tarte
Wool paisley coat, custom-made (also worn here)

The dress is another summer-to-winter transition -- I wore the heck out of this dress last summer, particularly with spiderweb tights or fishnets. It was a great find at Target, so simple & chic & well-made, plus comfortable. It's sleeveless & cinches in the back with a bow. The ideal gothic summer dress for the office. Not bad for winter too, at least California winter. Might need a heavier sweater or a jacket in cooler climates.

So, how often do you repeat wearing items? Are there things you wear frequently, or do you try to not repeat that much? Does it matter?


  1. I totally repeat all the time. My boots, for one, which are totally melded to my feet these days. Also, I tend to recycle the same t-shirts, jeans, dresses and try to create different looks with accessories. And I still don't wear 95% of the stuff in my closet... I tend to stick with the 5% that currently fits, is flattering and is in line with whatever aesthetic I'm going for.

  2. I try to mix "repeating clothes" with no "repeating clothes". I often repeat basic clothes (black tops, black dress, basic cardigan), but I combine this with more special items (lovely skirt, corset style top, velvet top...). In this way, I keep myself warm and try to wear a little bit of everything from my closet. However, I always come to same conclusion: "don´t buy more clothes, make yourself a favour..." XD.

    Lovely boots, by the way :).

  3. I hate to say it, but my wardrobe could clothe a first world country. I have found things that I forgot I owned. The only thing that gets repeated are pants and skirts (it's hard to find bottoms that fit) and light cardigans in the summer.

  4. Sarah - I'm trying hard to wear everything (or most things!) in my closet or weed 'em out. Esp. things that don't fit, which is why I do so many sales & Goodwill dumps.

    Madame Macabre - True, the basics are easy to repeat. Black skirts & trousers & boots go with everything!

    lovleanjel - LOL, quite a wardrobe ;-) As I commented above, I'm trying to be conscious about wearing what I have or getting rid of it. It's not easy.

  5. The black velvet leggings repeat so often the knees are worn out. But I do try to vary what tops I wear so it's not a complete photocopy. Although I have to admit that there are a few tops that show up more often than others. Out of my blazers, there are only 4 or 5 I really wear.

    I, too, am trying to wear more of my things. The nicer pieces never get worn, as we never go anywhere and any outside work I do requires me to wear clothes I don't mind getting dirty. So now I wear them at home.

  6. Laurie - I live in leggings too, esp. on the weekends! And at home after work. Tho' I save the velvet leggings bec. I only have one pair by Kambriel (tho' I think I saw some on sale at :-).

  7. I am a chronic repeater. I have uniform. Black dress, tights/leggings/knee highs, Fluevog boots or marjanes. And repeat. I occasionally break out a skirt. And if I wear jeans, I usually wear a dress over them. The pieces vary, but not that much. It makes it really easy to shop and dress. But daily outfits posts would probably not be very exciting.