Monday, December 6, 2010

Cyber Black Friday Spoils, Part IV

And the last package arrived -- from NY & Company, a bunch of accessories & some more practical pieces.

Or ... semi-practical ;-) Like these leggings with a lace inset. Kinda '80s retro, but I promise I'll only wear them under skirts. The actually practical items were a black knit 3/4th-sleeve top & a black camisole, because one can never have too many layering pieces like that.

Two belts increased the potential for belted sweaters & knit dresses -- a style I find increasingly flattering. Both of these are elastic with flashy center clasps, so a nice combo of comfort & bling.

Speaking of bling, the other items were all jewelry. Two brooches, two necklaces, all shiny. Here's a sample.


  1. Thanks! I'm so glad leggings came back (means I can admit they never really went away from my wardrobe ;-)