Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What I Wear Every Day

There are some things I don't even mention in my "what I'm wearing" lists. But I wear them almost every single day. Fashion mags might call these my signature pieces. I just call them my daily stuff. Figured it was time to chronicle them (since I'm working from home today & wearing PJs)...

Rings, right hand:
Silver & amethyst engagement ring from The Great Frog on Carnaby St. in London, U.K. (my husband has a matching ring, larger size, of course!).

Silver & onyx moon ring from a store in Salem, Massachusetts.

Silver Celtic openwork band, not sure where I got it, maybe a vendor at an SF/F convention.

Rings, left hand:
Gold & white gold with diamond chips wedding band from Shane Co. (my husband's band isn't exactly the same, but very similar).

The ring on my first finger can vary. It used to always be the Arwen butterfly ring by the Noble Company (which my darling hubbi gave me for xmas one year), but the center stone is missing & I've yet to replace it. So sometimes, I wear a giant black glass cocktail ring from a random accessory store (my fave. jewelry shop, as you may have noticed!), or I wear a silver & garnet ring I bought in Jaipur, India.

Earrings, right upper hole:
Pewter peace sign stud from some vendor on Telegraph Ave., Berkeley.

Earrings, two left upper holes:
Black & white yin-yang studs from some vendor on Telegraph Ave., Berkeley. (Have I mentioned how I was raised by hippies? I also graduated from U.C. Berkeley & spent a lot of time hanging out on Telegraph Ave. in my college days).

Left wrist:
Black leather studded bracelet, the current incarnation is probably from Hot Topic. I've been wearing a bracelet like this since I was 16. The original was a cockring that I nabbed from my gay boyfriend's bedroom (I was his beard because he had super-religious parents). Which lead to an explanation of what it was used for. Those were the days!

Right wrist:
I have a bunch of different watches, from sporty to dressy, but I stopped wearing them this year when I realized I am surrounded by clocks at work. My computer, my desk phone, clocks in every conference room, even my iPhone -- I don't need to wear a wristwatch at the office.

But I do wear a watch when I'm out & about or traveling. Basically, any time I'm taking public transit because fishing around in my purse for my phone when I need to catch a bus is too much trouble.

Then there are my glasses, which I *must* wear every single day or I'll bump into things! I have horrible astigmatism & have had no luck with contact lenses. I keep trying them every few years to see if the technology is better, but it's not. I need to get my prescription updated in January, & I hopehopehope that these black cat-eye frames are still in stock or they can reuse my old frames. I really love them & have had them for about 5 years now. I do not like the squared frames that are currently available.

Your turn:
Are there any accessories you wear every single day? Do you have a signature piece?


  1. Wow, my husband and I also have matching rings from the Great Frog! (Our rings are Phoenixes that we bought on our honeymoon) Great Minds! (although you're much more style savvy than I am!)

  2. I love random accessories but I've begun to react to base metals so now everything has to be .925 silver, even the findings. It's cut down on my jewelry a lot.

    I dropped most of my rings when I got a job in academia. Left hand: silver thumb ring with sort of geometric print from one of the jewelry sellers that appear on campus around Xmas, diamond engagement and diamond and sapphire wedding band from Kay (hubby's sister gleefully dragged him through different jewelry stores when he decided to propose). Right hand: Silver death ring I have had since high school, silver ankh on the ring finger. Left wrist sports a stainless Seiko that was a graduation gift from my parents. My right wrist generally sports a leather dragon-embossed band from the Ren Faire.

    I would say the Death ring was my signature. It got misplaced a few weeks back and I was in tears as we tore the house apart looking for it (it magically turned up in the dryer when we changed the sheets).

  3. Beaky - The Great Frog too? That's amazing! We returned there this year (our 10th anniversary) just to get a photo.

    lovleanjel - Ooo, too bad about the metal reaction. But those pieces sound lovely :-)

  4. I have sensory issues, so the only thing I wear on a daily basis is my wedding band and engagement ring. When it's bad, I don't even wear my engagement ring!!

    I'm still snickering because you said cockring. Ha!

  5. I laughed at your story of the cockring - that is hilarious!

    I wear my wedding ring, my 40th birthday band, and two diamond studs in my 2nd holes on my ears.

  6. Style, She Wrote - Thanks!

    freeda - Ah, too bad about the sensory issues. I'd be lost without my rings. Hee, didn't know if I should share the origins of my bracelet, but I *have* been wearing one forever & that's how it started ;-)

    Sheila - Gotta learn somewhere ;-) Tho' I lost touch w/him after college, too bad. Hmm... 40th band, I like that idea!