Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rain & Spiderwebs

Ugh, rainy day! Meaning, the porch was dreary & grey again, so more bad photos, even tho' I *did* fuss with the camera settings. I promise that one day soon, I will either figure out the picture quality on this blog or just stop whining about it.

What I'm wearing:
Black wool ruffled bolero sweater, Kohl's
Red knit peasant top, Express
Black stretch belt with ruffled detail, NY & Co.
Black & white spiderweb-print skirt, made by me
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Red ankle boots, Aerosoles
Black beaded necklace with cameo, random accessory store
Black & white beaded earrings, random accessory store
Real pearl stud earrings, gift from my stepdad

After Halloween, I was taking the cloth off our dining room table. It was a tablecloth just like the fabric of this skirt, & I remembered that I had a second tablecloth of this type with a big burnt-out hole in the center from a candle mishap. I'd cut out the burned bits & stored the cloth in my fabric stash.

So I retrieved the old cloth & decided it was time to make something from the fabric. How about a skirt? I cut panels in such a way that I could use the old tablecloth's existing hem for the skirt's hem (saving me time). I sewed the sides up & made a casing at the top for an elastic waistband. Ta-da, a skirt!

It had long points at each side, but when I tried it on, the points dragged on the ground. Ooops. At first I thought I might wear it like that with high-heeled boots, but that still didn't work. So I put the skirt on my dressform & tacked up the points & sewed some vintage jet buttons over the join. Can't actually see those buttons today because they're covered by the red top tho'. Still, I think the folded-over sides make for an interesting detail.

Have you made any of your own clothes? How about refashioning things from the thrift store?


  1. That's awesome! You made that? So creative.

    No, I'm not handy with sewing at all, sadly. I have the greatest admiration for those who sew!

  2. what a cool idea for a skirt!
    I do like to sew, mostly skirts as of late though, I haven't been too ambitious!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Love the skirt. I didn't even realize it was spider webs at first.

    Bolero looks great!

    I knit, but sewing intimidates me.

  4. That skirt is nice, I would never have guessed it was a reworked tablecloth!

    I can't seem to get the hand-me-down sewing machine to work right, so I've been limited to small changes, like adding trim, changing buttons, ect.

  5. Shelia - Thanks! It's fun to make something I can wear every day (as opposed to costumes which I can only wear a few times a year).

    LyddieGal - Aren't skirts the best to sew? Great for just a couple yards of fabric (if you want to make a pencil skirt) or a leftover bit like this one :-)

    SiouxieL - Hey, knitting intimidates me! I've tried, but couldn't get the hang of more than two rows.

    Lovlenjel - Have you taken the old machine in for a tune-up? Might cost $50, but a good cleaning & oiling, having the tension reset, etc., could get it going again. Still, trim & buttons can do wonders too (I like doing that more than making a new garment s'times ;-).

  6. Love that skirt! I am so digging that jacket, and really, really want one.

    I wish there was a closup of the belt... I really want to see more detail.

    It's so nice to see one of my people on here- I was an Industrial DJ for years... now I'm a lawyer trying to learn how to wear color and real shoes!

  7. Lawyerdoll - Thanks! The belt & the bolero I just bought during Black Friday sales -- the belt is @ & the bolero @ (not sure if the links work in comments; still playing w/Blogger - but they're just a few posts back :-)

  8. I had to back up while scrolling. Did I see the spiderweb tablecloth skirt go by? It looks great.

  9. Old Fashion Halloween - Thank *you* bec. you're why I have new cloth for the table when I burned the old one (that finally became this skirt)!