Monday, December 6, 2010

O'Dark-Thirty & a Shout Out

First, welcome to everyone visiting via Gothic Charm School & thank you to the Lady of the Manners for mentioning my blog! She is a fabulous friend from way back, & I'm thrilled that she linked to me here. I look forward to feedback from all my fellow & aspiring CorpGoths.

Today, I had to get up at the crack of, no, before dawn because my carpool driver had an early meeting. Ugh. So taking these pix was more difficult than usual -- the sun had just come up, & it was shadowy on the porch. The camera's flash kept wanting to go off (which washed out my face), but no-flash didn't look great either. And before coffee, I wasn't up to fiddling with the camera controls.

What I'm wearing today:
Black & grey striped sweater, Target
Grey corduroy skirt, Newport News
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black stretch faux-leather boots, JC Penny
Black & white stripey scarf, Forever 21
Black & gold round giganto earrings, Forever 21
Red-brown lipstick, Lorac

I can't take photos after work because the sun has already gone down (this may change next spring, of course). Inside my house is too dark at any hour, thanks to both my Gothic Martha Stewart-ness & being a lifelong migraineur. For now, it's early in the morning (the blogging bits happen in the evening tho').

My carpool usually leaves at 8 a.m., & I hustle to get dressed & take pix in an hour before that. I don't get coffee until I'm at the office (we're lucky in that we have free, barista-made espresso drinks). If I'm in a breakfasty mood, I grab oatmeal or a custom-made omelet at the office cafeteria too & eat that while checking the morning's email.

So, workers of the world, what time do you get up & go to the office?


  1. I get up between 6:45 and 7 am. I walk to work, and theoretically should be at it by 8:20 or so. But I walk with a super sweet girl who's ALWAYS VERY LATE. Sometimes she doesn't even get to our meeting spot until 9:00 - which is when I should already be at work.

  2. My alarm goes off at 5:45. I usually haul myself out of bed by around 6 ish. Ideally, I'm leaving the house with the baby by 7:45 which allows me to drop her off at daycare and get in to work by 8:30.

  3. The alarm goes off between 5:515 and 5:30, and I leave between 6:40 and 6:50 (depends on whether I'm driving carpool or not). I lay everything out the night before so I can just stumble into my clothes after eating cereal.

  4. Wow, we're all early risers! I sometimes forget bec. my hubbi works freelance & sets his own schedule, heh.

    mystressprynne - how rude of your walking pal! I used to have a carpool partner who'd arrive early every other day, which freaked me out.

    emzebel - getting the baby up in the morning too, yikes, I hope the commute isn't too long :-)

    lovleanjel - I plan my outfits the night before too. Otherwise, I'd be wearing yoga pants to work, not just when I'm telecommuting!

  5. The alarm goes off at 5:25, sigh. We're usually out of here by about 6:40 unless it's my wonderful work-from-home day, in which case I just put on whatever's clean, say goodbye to my husband when he leaves, and then throw in the laundry and settle in with more coffee until it's time to sign on.

  6. Nicole - another early-riser! but aren't those WFH days wonderful? otherwise, I'd never get laundry done either.